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Forklift Manager – A Role That Matters a Lot For Any Forklift Operator

Forklift Manager – A Role That Matters a Lot For Any Forklift Operator

We all know that forklift operation includes a number of risk factors in it. So far, we have discussed ways to achieve success in this field. But have you ever thought what will happen next after taking the forklift operator certification course? Whether you will be able to pursue your career in it for a long and successful time or not? Well, all these answers are with forklift managers only, under whom you are or will be working in the organization. This blog will simplify how the role of a forklift manager can be responsible for your safety in the workplace.

Roles of a forklift manager

Along with the necessity of getting proper training before choosing your profession as a forklift operator, it is also important to polish your skills on a timely basis. Hence, a forklift manager becomes the only responsible person who can judge whether an operator is capable of operating a forklift truck or not. This is how:

  • All the trucks and operation details are in the hands of the managers. So all the operations performed are under the guidance of a manager whatever the operators do remains under the eyes of him
  • Safety and security measures, with the consultations of the higher authority, are ascertained by the managers only.
  • Selection and adoption of forklift trucks in the concerned organization are determined only by a forklift manager. Hence, for any malfunctioning caused in it, the manager will be directly responsible.
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So, you have to make sure whether the concerned forklift manager is handling his responsibilities or not before joining any organization as a forklift operator. In our course for forklift certification in Ottawa, along with giving training for forklift operation, we also explain the roles and responsibilities of a forklift manager. This is important not only for a new forklift operator but also for those who have recently started their career as a forklift manager.

These things should not be missed by any forklift operator/manager

Studies also found that because of not pursuing the roles and responsibilities properly by the forklift managers, many accidents occur in the real field. The managers do not take proper technical tests, hire operators without having any advanced operational skill, etc. which becomes the reason for severe accidents and injuries. Accidents caused in forklift operation may sometimes be threatening for lives even. So, considering these things before as well as after hiring any forklift operator can help not only the operators but also the managers to avoid any uncertain accidents in the field.

Before Hiring

  • Arrange technical tests which should include the repair, replacement, and inspection of forklift
  • Written test to ascertain theoretical knowledge about forklift trucks.
  • Should consider whether the operator knows about the risk factors associated with the forklift operation and what plans he has to overcome them.

After Hiring

  • Should process sessional training to update the operators’ skills.
  • Keep the operators updated with the latest inclusions in forklift trucks
  • Take operational tests before handing over the forklift trucks to the operators.
  • Check the technical ability of the operator to handle emergency situations before sending him for the operation.


This is it. With the advancement of technology, the operational trends for forklift trucks have also changed a lot. Today, along with proper training, you should also keep on polishing your skills timely. Otherwise, it may cost you even with your life. Moreover, if you are a forklift manager, you have to take care of every minor thing to ascertain the safety and security of all the operators working under you.

Having years of experience in this field and knowing all the necessary things in detail, we are here for you. Our purpose is not only to make efficient forklift operators but also to ensure a safe journey in this field. Be it a newborn forklift operator or a proficient forklift manager, we are open for all. Although our training modules differ for an operator and a manager, in any way, you don’t need to make huge expenses for the training. This is because we have made our fees structure easily affordable to everyone around.

So have success in your career with proper periodic training only with us!

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