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Lock Out Tag out Course

Our Lock out Tag out course covers all angles.  Our experienced instructors will guide the trainee step by step through the Lock Out Tag Out procedure.  

Our course is designed to ensure the trainee understand the reasons why a lock out tag out procedure is necessary and there will be a detailed process.

After course completion the trainee will be able to comprehend:

  • The importance of locking out machinery and equipment
  • The dangers associated with hazardous equipment
  • Lock out procedure including group lock out procedure
  • Responsibilities required for all workers and employers
  • Safe procedures when performing lock out/tag out

Topics covered in our course and course outline:

Module 1: Lock out Tag out Basics and Purpose of Use

  • Lock Out Tag Out definition and procedure
  • De-energization and the safe steps to perform 
  • Energy Isolating Devices
  • Types of Energy
  • Accident Prevention
  • Hazards associated with Lock Out Tag Out
  • Tags
  • Prevention
  • Requirements

Module 2: Order of Procedures

  • When is lock out required?
  • Hazards associated with a lock out tag out procedure
  • Personal locks
  • Locking out Electrical Equipment
  • Permanently connected / Hard wired equipment
  • Interlocked Systems
  • Continuity throughout a lock out system

Module 3: Safe Working Environment and Responsibilities

  • Multiple person lock out
  • Emergency Lock Removal
  • Group Lock out
  • Qualified Worker
  • Responsibilities for the workers
  • Responsibilities for the employers
  • Training and Supervision

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