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Hoisting and Rigging

Our Hoisting and Rigging Training Program is designed to introduce both experienced and inexperienced workers to the principles and practices critical to the safe use of hoisting and rigging equipment and ensure users have the ability to correctly apply safe practices and procedures. The information delivered during the course is consistent with all related policies and procedures, standards and regulations. 

By following the Ministry of Labour regulations within the Occupational Health & Safety Act and recommendations and the CSA Standards our training program is one of the best investments you as an Employer or Individual can make to assist you in attaining a good safety record. Our Hoisting and Rigging Training Program has proven to generate and result in a positive return in investment. Upon successful completion of the training program, you will see a significant cost cutting measure in areas such as operator injury, equipment maintenance, down time, Worker’s Compensation premiums and insurance premiums.          

Course Summary
The key to the safety of workers is competent training. This program will provide participants with the knowledge and acquired skills required to safely use hoisting and rigging equipment efficiently as a competent person. 

Learning Objectives

  • Inspections of hoisting and rigging equipment
  • Understand load ratings, center of gravity, safe methods and responsibilities to ensure safe procedure for rigging and hoisting loads
  • Proper maintenance and selection of hoisting and rigging equipment
  • Safety concerns, hazards, and stresses imposed by hoisting and rigging
  • Material load weight calculations in reference to rigging equipment
  • Identification of hazards on and off site
  • Chains, slings types, cables, basket, choker, winching, knots, etc associated with hoisting rigging loads, and safe sling angles.
  • Hand signals
  • Upon completion of the theory portion of the Hoisting and Rigging course a written test will be given and practical tests including inspections of equipment, safe procedures and identification of hazards.


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