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Confined Space

Our Confined Space course will give you the knowledge and understanding of how to enter a confined space and what to expect in terms of hazards within the confined space.  In the course we will discuss the following:

Rules and Regulations: and how they pertain to the confined space for the employee, employer, site contractor, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:  A complete overview of the specific Roles and Responsibilities that pertain to each title such as the “Attendant” or “The Confined Space Entry Team”

Safe Entry: Safe Entry requires proper planning.  Discussion of the Entry Permit and how to properly plan prior to arrival at the confined space or at an ongoing basis depending on the work. A Risk Assessment will also be discussed in this section and the proper Personal Protective Equipment required prior to entering a confined space

Personal Protective Equipment: What is required within a confined space? This section includes a discussion on air monitors and their use. Identifying unsafe air quality levels as per LEL and UPL limits and safe zones for Oxygen and Gases.


Identifying Hazards:  The course will discuss how to identify hazards prior to entering a confined space and while performing work within the confined space.

Work Permit:  How to create a work permit and its importance.

Coordination Document: An overview of the specific details within the Coordination Document for multi contractor work sites and its relevance.

  • What determines a Confined Space verses a Restricted or Isolated Space?
  • Characteristics of a “Flow Chart” creation and procedure.
  • Ventilation Systems and Safety.
  • The identification of Low, Medium and High Risk spaces.
  • Harness selection and fitting for entry and retrieval.
  • Simulated entry and identification of safe oxygen and gas levels.

Rescue Plan Overview: Types of Rescue


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