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Front End Loader Operator Certification


The Safety Through Motion – Front End Loader Operator Training Program is designed to introduce both experienced and inexperienced lift truck operators to the principles and practices critical to the safe and efficient operation of Front End Loader procedures and ensures operators are able to apply safe operation in the work environment.

Our experience has shown that operator safety training is most effective when the information presented is consistent with the policies and procedures followed in the workplace. Every organization manages their materials handling operation in a unique way. The time required to deliver the SAFETY THROUGH MOTION Operator Safety Training Program varies according to the number of lift truck models to be covered and the characteristics of the operating environment. The program will be conducted from a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 8 hours as outlined in CSA Standard B335-15.

A maximum of 12 operators per session ensures each participant is given the time to understand and retain the information presented. We also recommend one or two front-line supervisors attend the session and provide coaching and reinforcement of the programs principles and practices to operators on the job.

To enhance learning and the transfer of good safety habits to the workplace, the six program modules are structured to be user-friendly, informative and highly interactive. To facilitate the learning process during training and provide additional support to the operator once they return to the workplace.

The SAFETY THROUGH MOTION Front End Loader programs are conducted in your facility to facilitate discussion and the display and viewing of presentation materials and ensure the comfort of participants, Modules One through Six are conducted training room setting. Should you choose to conduct the training at your facility, but are unable to provide the required audio-visual equipment, we will provide the necessary equipment at no additional charge.

Following the successful completion of Program #1 and the hands-on Testing/Evaluation in Program #3, each operator receives a Training Certificate and laminated wallet card in recognition of their achievement.

A brief description of our Front End Loader SAFETY THROUGH MOTION program modules follows

Module 1: Introduction

This module introduces the safety considerations, basic principles and training requirements to the operator.  

Module 2: Configuration and Components

This module thoroughly explains the major components and inner workings of a Front End Loader, a detailed pre-shift inspection procedure and a period of time will be spent referencing the operator’s manual.

Module 3:  Stability Safety

In this module the operator will learn the capacity limitations and stability concepts of the Front End Loader, as well as the capacity limitations of various attachments.  Rated Operating Capacity (ROC), center of gravity, slopes and site conditions will be discussed.

Module 4: Safe Procedure

The Safe Procedure module brings the operator through a step by step course of action of operation of the Front End Loader.  The use of various attachments, bucket procedures, digging, dumping and rigging are all discussed with the instructor.  

Module 5:  Common Hazards

In this module the class will discuss potential hazards and accidents with a Front End Loader.  Awareness and preventative measures will also be discussed with the instructor.

Module 6: Summary

The summary module presents an overview of the important points, considerations and safe procedure when operating a Front End Loader.

Theory Evaluation

This portion of the SAFETY THROUGH MOTION program concludes with a review of the information presented through individual completion of multiple choice questionnaires. Participants able to answer the questions correctly are considered to have understood and retained the information presented in the program. Participants incorrect responses are reviewed with them immediately following the completion and scoring of the test.

Safety Through Motion – Lift Truck Practical Learning/Evaluation

Operator hands-on learning and evaluation is conducted at your facility, in the operator’s normal work environment using the equipment the operator is required to operate.

  1. Hands-On Operating Instruction

This program is designed to teach the inexperienced or novice operator the skills needed to drive a lift truck safely on the job. Hands-on operator instruction is also applicable for experienced operators operating equipment in new or unfamiliar applications or operating new models or truck types.

Module specific videos are used to introduce the operator to the truck they will be driving. On- site demonstration and practice on the truck combined with ongoing feedback from the trainer help the student to master the necessary safe operating skills and techniques. The length of the instructional time will vary from person to person depending on past experience, ability to adapt, type and variety of equipment. Prior completion of modules 1 through 6 of the SAFETY THROUGH MOTION program is a prerequisite to the hands-on instruction program.

  1. Operator Testing and Evaluation

Hands-on operator testing consists of a ½ hour one-on-one evaluation of the operators in their work environment. Using the truck type and model they are required to operate on the job, each operator is tested on their application of the safety principles and practices outlined in the SAFETY THROUGH MOTION program. In addition to the individual feedback offered to operator’s following the evaluation a written appraisal of each operator is also prepared.

Operator testing and evaluation is usually conducted in the days following the completion of modules one through six of the SAFETY THROUGH MOTION Program. Allowing operators this opportunity to apply and practice the safety principles and practices learned in Modules One through Six in the workplace prior to testing, not only ensures compliance with safety regulations and standards it also improves their test results and encourages the transfer of good safety habits to the workplace. Following the successful completion of Program #1 and the hands-on Testing/Evaluation, each operator receives a Training Certificate and laminated wallet card in recognition of their achievement.

This Front End Loader Training course is designed using parameters set out by:

  • CSA Standard B335-15 – The CSA Safety Standard for Lift Trucks (B335-15) identifies the knowledge, practical skills and evaluation requirements needed by lift truck operators. The practical evaluation of the forklift operator training course requires operators to demonstrate competency skill level equal or greater to the industry accepted measurements.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act, REGULATION 851. INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENTS as it pertains to lift truck safety.

We are dedicated to establishing a true partnership in safety prevention with our customers, while offering exemplary customer service and training that will exceed our customer’s expectations. We are committed to ensuring your due diligence is achieved beyond any reasonable doubt, resulting in a SAFE work environment and the protection of the health and safety of all employees.

The importance of safety in the workplace is highly important and valued.. With new Standards and amended Regulations we understand the challenges to achieve safety compliance. We also aware that you want to provide the best training experience to yourself and your employees. Training that will educate, motivate and empower your staff.

We help by providing an engaging, friendly, instructor-led safety training. Our versatility allows us to assist different trades and businesses with customized solutions. It is training that you will feel good about, and training that will generate positive benefits and results. Such as; increase in productivity, and efficiency, reduction in avoidable damages and lost time.


Up to 8 hours depending on participants acquired skill and experience


A passing grade of 80% is required in order to achieve certification and a certificate.


Upon successful completion of this Safety Through Motion Lift Truck Program will receive a PDF wall certificate and PDF Wallet Card for their records.

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