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Train the Trainer “Forklift”

The Safety Through Motion Instructional Skills Techniques- Principles of Adult Learning Program is designed to introduce both experienced and inexperienced Facilitators, Supervisors, Health and Safety Personnel and In House Trainers to the principles of Adult Learning, determine the most effective delivery methods, and training techniques and props. The program describes several fresh approaches to such time-honored techniques as group discussion, case studies, role-playing, small group tasks, individual assignments, field projects, and even lecturing. The program gives the participant to find alternative ways to stimulate participation and encourage learning.

By following the Ministry of Labor regulations within the Occupational Health & Safety Act and recommendations by  for the Safety Standard for Lift Trucks B335-2015 – Section 7 Qualifications of the Lift Truck Trainer. Our training program is one of the best investments you as an Employer or Individual can make to assist you in attaining a good safety record. Our Safety Through Motion-Instructional Skills Techniques Program has proven to generate and result in a positive return in investment. Upon successful completion of the training program, you will see a significant cost cutting measure in areas such as operator injury, equipment maintenance, down time, Worker’s Compensation premiums and insurance premiums.

Lift Truck Train the Trainer Program

This program is designed for the individual who will do in-house operator safety training.   The session combines an introduction to the concepts and principles of safe lift truck operation with practical instruction on the testing and evaluation of operators. The  standard  program  requires  3  days  to  complete  with  a  maximum  of  5 participants. The length of the program may be extended to allow for additional participants, models of equipment or limited operational experience.

Assessment Criteria 

Day one: trainees go through the lift truck theory program and start the adult learning and presentation skills program.
Day two: complete adult learning and presentation skills program & trainees present the lift truck theory training program with guidance from trainer. (if time permits) start session on how to conduct a practical evaluation.
Day Three: complete session on how to conduct a practical evaluation and complete practical training & testing for trainee.

Upon successful completion of the theory presentation and practical portion each individual will receive a Wall Certificate and Wallet Card in recognition of their achievement.

Safety Through Motion Training Kit:

  • Trainer’s Manual containing training strategies and step-by-step instructions.
  • Presentation Materials (USB saved PPT powerpoint provided )
  • 10 Student Packages (Trainee’s Manual, Operator Safety & Instruction Booklet)
  • Training Certificate, Wallet Card
  • Safety Posters and Signage
  • Safety Through Motion- carrying bag.

The SAFETY Through MotionTrain the Trainer program may be conducted in your facility or in one of our training locations.    To facilitate discussion and the display and viewing of presentation materials and ensure the comfort of participants a meeting or training room setting is required for the program.  

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