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Aerial Work Platform Training

The Safety Through Motion – Aerial Work Platform Training Program is designed to introduce both experienced and inexperienced A. W. P.  operators to the principles and practices critical to the safe and efficient operation of a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) and ensures operators are able to apply safe and correct operating procedures in the work environment.

Our experience has shown that operator safety training is most effective when the information presented is consistent with the policies and procedures followed in the workplace. 

Our SAFETY THROUGH MOTION approach teaches trainees of the pre-shift requirements and safe procedures to operate a Mobile Elevated Work Platform such as a Scissor Lift and Genie Boom.

Our course details are as follows:

 Introduction & Types of AWP’s  

In this section the trainee will learn the pre-shift requirements for a Mobile Elevated Work Platform, safe work procedures, emergency procedures and will be introduced to the variety of types of Aerial Work Platforms.

Standards and Regulations & Fall Protection

In this section the trainee will become familiar with the standards and regulations associated with Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. This section also consists of the Fall Protection requirements as stated within the OHSA, CSA and ANSI regulations.


 Accidents & Hazards

In this section the trainee will become aware of potential accidents and hazards associated with operation of a Mobile Elevated Work Platform.

  Safe Practices

In this section the trainee will be shown the safe methods of operating an Aerial Work Platform and review all safety concerns and practices.

After completion of the theory portion the trainee will be given a theory test followed by a practical hands-on training and testing of the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) or Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP).

The time required to deliver the SAFETY THROUGH MOTION Operator Safety Training Program varies according to the number of M.E.W.P. models to be covered and the characteristics of the operating environment. The program will be conducted from a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 8 hours.

A maximum of 12 operators per session ensures each participant is given the time to understand and retain the information presented. We also recommend one or two front-line supervisors attend the session and provide coaching and reinforcement of the program’s principles and practices to operators on the job.

To enhance learning and the transfer of good safety habits to the workplace, the modules are structured to be user-friendly, informative and highly interactive.

Certification is valid for 3 years.  Each trainee will be given a laminated wallet card with certifications upon completion.


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