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Get Forklift Certified To Secure Your Future In Canadian Heavy Industries

Get Forklift Certified To Secure Your Future In Canadian Heavy Industries

Driving the forklift is an integral part of material handling businesses. If you live in Canada you should know that training is compulsory for individuals who aim to drive the forklift. This is mandatory compliance now in the industries that involve in the handling of heavy materials. Forklift certification is given to individuals who complete the classroom training and practical training and finally qualify the evaluation program. Getting this certification means employees can responsibly drive the forklift as they know the risk associated with this vehicle. Their awareness and knowledge will make them handle the vehicle in a better manner.

Forklift training ensure safety both for the employer and the employees

A lot of workplace injuries are reported across the world and the major reason behind them is lack of training. If the operator is not trained in handling such heavy equipment, chances are that they would cause inappropriate handling and it would lead to accidents. Forklift certification training educates you in the primary and safe use of the piece of equipment you are driving. This is helpful both for the employer and the employees as it would minimize the risk of accidents and damage to the equipment.

Forklift certification in Ottawa

Forklift driving without a license is illegal

A lot of training schools are available in Canada where both the employers and the individuals can undergo forklift training and get certified. The forklift training courses are simple and short, usually, last for a few hours. Such courses are divided into three parts as we have already mentioned in the beginning-classroom modules, practical training in the industrial environment and the final evaluation in the form of an exam. Upon completion of all these stages, you will earn a forklift license or a certificate. You cannot operate the forklift without a valid certificate, it is considered as illegal. 

However, you must renew your certificate every 3 years by updating your skill. This responsibility is left to the employer to evaluate the performance of every employer in an interval of 3 years.

In some instances, re-training is needed in this field. This includes situations when new heavy equipment is introduced in the workplace or if any accident takes place or if you did not qualify the certification test or if your past training does not suit the current standard.

If you are an employer and need to choose a forklift training provider you must contact a certified professional. It is equally necessary to keep a list of employees who are trained in the program. If there is a sudden visit by the authority in your workplace you can show that you are compliant with the law.

The Canadian government’s take on forklift training

Forklift training varies from province to province in Canada. The Ministry of Labour Canadian government inspects companies to see if they are compliant with the current forklift standard. The effort is to increase awareness among people about the risks associated with the driving of forklift.

Forklift certification in Ottawa

The ministry focuses on the regular maintenance of the types of equipment which are in operation. The law also wants the forklift operators to be completely trained to drive such vehicles and to supervise the whole operation.

The CSA, Canadian Standard Association is responsible for conducting the safety standard of heavy industrial vehicles. It released updates in the year 2015 which strictly prescribed the details included in the training program, the qualification of the trainers and the maintenance of such heavy equipment is made compulsory for the companies.

Concluding thoughts

Once you obtain your certification and gain considerable knowledge in the operation of a lift truck, you can easily switch to different companies in the hope of better remuneration. The only thing necessary in this regard is to find a reputed training institute. If you are looking forward to getting Forklift certification in Ottawa, choose a quality training provider in your area. Choose a company who have experienced trainers and impart knowledge and skills as per the regulation and standard.


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