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Who Needs WHMIS Training In Ontario?

October 3rd, 2019

Most of the people have misconceptions that WHMIS training is meant only for those beginners who are starting their career as forklift operators. But the actual fact is, it is needed for everyone whoever is involved in this field. You may be thinking that being a trainer or manager, why you should get training? Well, the reasons are many. We are explaining this need with the help of this blog. […]

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Benefits Of Forklift Certification: From The Employer’s Point Of View

August 30th, 2019

Training and certification is a compulsory part of forklift driving in heavy industries. Forklifts are regularly seen in the heavy industries and several accidents are reported on them. To minimize the number of accidents and to provide better workplace safety, now all organizations are bound by law to conduct proper training for their employees who drive these vehicles. However, you can individually obtain the training from reputed training schools as […]

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