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Best Forklift Training Ottawa,ON,Canada

Forklift Training Ottawa,On,Canada – Lift Truck Operator Training Program is designed to introduce both experienced and inexperienced lift truck operators to the principles and practices critical to the safe and efficient operation of a lift truck and ensures operators are able to apply safe and correct operating procedures in the work environment.

Our experience has shown that operator safety training is most effective when the information presented is consistent with the policies and procedures followed in the workplace. Every organization manages their materials handling operation in a unique way. The time required to deliver the SAFETY THROUGH MOTION Operator Safety Training Program varies according to the number of lift truck models to be covered and the characteristics of the operating environment.  The program will be conducted from a minimum  of 4 hours to a maximum  of 8 hours as outlined in CSA Standard B335-15.

A  maximum   of  12 operators  per  session  ensures  each  participant  is  given  the  time  to understand and retain the information presented.   We also recommend one or two front-line supervisors attend  the  session  and  provide  coaching  and  reinforcement  of the  programs  principles  and practices to operators on the job.

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